Covid19 Delivery Info

Parcel collection and delivery operations  

At present in the UK, all parcel deliveries are continuing as normal. Our UK carrier DPD reports that all depots and hubs are working as normal, with no closures affecting any of their sites. 
At present, our international parcel deliveries are largely continuing as normal with our courier DPD. However, we are seeing some delays to countries that have special measures or restrictions in place, including France, Spain, Italy and the USA. 
We are also aware that a large number of businesses are currently closed worldwide and are unable to accept deliveries. Therefore, we encourage you to check when placing your order, that your chosen delivery premises will be open and able to receive parcels at this time.  
Our courier’s operational process for delivery to business locations in Italy has already changed: they will now make one delivery attempt, and if it is unsuccessful, they will automatically return the item/s back to us. A refund will then be issued on receipt of the parcel into our warehouse. 
DPD has advised us that at this time, in all countries, that the delivery process will be contact-free for the customer. The drivers will not be asking customers to sign the handheld unit that is usually used to obtain a signature upon delivery, and will instead ask for the customer’s name on delivery. The driver will enter this onto the device for the customer, to verify you have received the parcel. This is to ensure you are still covered in case the parcel is delivered damaged, is misdelivered, or lost in transit. 
If the driver is due to deliver to a location where it is known someone has the virus, they will deliver the parcel to a safe place. If a safe place option is not permitted or available, the parcel will be returned to the depot. This will mean the parcel is returned to us, and a full refund can be issued. 
At present, our courier DPD state they have no reported cases of the virus amongst their drivers and other employees. There is also currently no evidence that you can catch Coronavirus from parcels and letters. 
Please be aware that the above delivery terms are subject to change, and we encourage our customers to track their parcel via the link provided on the despatch confirmation email for the most up to date information.  

Returns Information

We have increased the returns period for your item to 90 days.

Briefing our employees 
We have issued detailed communications to all our employees to ensure they are fully briefed on the latest situation. All our advice is based on that issued by the UK Government, where those that are able to work from home are encouraged to do so to minimise social contact., For those that are unable to work from home, they are encouraged to practice high levels of personal hygiene in the workplace, to minimise their risk of exposure to the virus. 
We have advised all employees of the correct process to follow in the event they feel unwell or experience flu-like symptoms. We have also issued detailed travel advice to all our people so they are aware of the latest information and know what to do if they have recently returned from abroad. 
In addition to the above advice, our courier DPD have informed us that they have introduced a delivery wave program to limit driver-to-driver contact in their depots, especially during their important morning period.

In the instance of any individual - personnel, couriers or visitors - attending one of our sites and is suspected of having or is confirmed as having coronavirus, we will follow the advice issued by the UK Government. 

In regards to cleaning offices and work spaces where there are suspected or confirmed cases of the virus, we will follow the advice of the relevant PHE Local Health Protection Team, which at present does NOT require additional cleaning, however this will be carried out if recommended by the authority. Our courier has increased the frequency of cleaning across their business as a preventative measure at this time.

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